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Advising the Congress on Medicare issues
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MedPAC announces public meeting schedule for 2019-2020 cycle

The Commission is excited to announce its public meeting schedule for the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle! September 5-6, 2019October 3-4, 2019November 7-8, 2019December 5-6, 2019January 16-17, 2020March 5-6, 2020April 2-3, 2020 Meeting agendas will be available a few days in advance of each meeting. All meetings will occur at: The Ronald Reagan Building, International Trade CenterHorizon… Read more »

MedPAC Meetings: A Primer

Next week, MedPAC kicks off its 2014-2015 year of public meetings. The agenda will be posted later today, but if you are new to the Commission, or a casual follower, you might wonder how the process works. Here’s a quick primer on MedPAC meetings.

Welcome to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission blog!

The MedPAC blog will be a mechanism for sharing information about MedPAC’s work and activities in a quicker, less formal, and more wired format than our traditional reports to Congress. The blog – written by MedPAC staff – is intended to be a resource for Congressional staff and other consumers of our work and will complement our public meetings and formal publications.