Commission Staff

Executive director
James E. Mathews, Ph.D.

Deputy director
Dana Kelley, M.P.A.

Assistant director
Stephanie Cameron, Sc.M.

Chief financial officer
Mary Beth Spittel, M.S.

Special assistant
Hope Kim

Administrative staff

Brian Gimbert
Timothy Gulley
Tina Jennings, M.T.E.S.L.
Cynthia Wilson

Principal policy analysts
Carol Carter, Ph.D.
Geoffrey Gerhardt, M.P.P.
Andy Johnson, Ph.D.
Kathryn E. Linehan, M.P.H.
Kim Neuman, M.A.
Nancy Ray, M.S.
Eric Rollins, M.P.P.
Rachel Schmidt, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Stensland, Ph.D.
Shinobu Suzuki, M.A.
Ariel Winter, M.P.P.

Senior analysts
Alison Binkowski, M.P.H., M.I.A.
Rachel Burton, M.P.P.
Evan Christman, M.P.Aff.
Brian O'Donnell, M.P.P.
Luis Serna, M.S.
Ledia Tabor, M.P.H.
Daniel Zabinski, Ph.D.

Policy analysts
Jamila Torain, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Research assistants
Sam Bickel-Barlow
Lauren Stubbs
Bhavya Sukhavasi

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