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by MedPAC Staff | Aug 29, 2014


The MedPAC blog will be a mechanism for sharing information about MedPAC’s work and activities in a quicker, less formal, and more wired format than our traditional reports to Congress.  The blog – written by MedPAC staff – is intended to be a resource for Congressional staff and other consumers of our work and will complement our public meetings and formal publications.

Posts here will:

  • Highlight important or notable data analysis from MedPAC meetings or reports
  • Synthesize pieces of related Commission work across years or publications
  • Share news about Commission activities, such as new recommendations or Commissioner appointments

We hope to post at least a few times each month, but the frequency will depend on the Commission schedule and work agenda.  We invite you to share our blog posts on Facebook or tweet them to your followers. You can also stay abreast of our news and announcements by following us on Twitter @medicarepayment.

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