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  • MedPAC releases drug briefings

    by MedPAC Staff | Jun 16, 2016
    When the Commission began its deliberations on drug policy, which ultimately shaped the contents of the June report, it started with two informational presentations that were intended to provide background and context for its discussions. The Commission is now releasing annotated versions of these presentations to serve as a resource for policymakers.
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  • Price growth of brand-name drugs and Part D

    by MedPAC Staff | Jan 27, 2016
    Evidence suggests that price growth for brand-name drugs is beginning to drive growth in average prices of all drugs covered under Part D.
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  • Opioid use among Medicare Part D enrollees

    by MedPAC Staff | Oct 22, 2014
    At MedPAC’s October public meeting, the Commission discussed patterns of potentially inappropriate opioid use in Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, Part D. In 2011, 10 million beneficiaries, or about 32 percent of Part D enrollees filled at least one prescription for an opioid. The share of Part D enrollees who use opioids in varies considerably across states.
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